Welfare-To-Work Housing Choice Voucher

The Kenosha Housing Authority and the Kenosha County Department of Human Services worked cooperatively to develop a competitive grant through the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Welfare-to-Work Section 8 Tenant-Based Assistance Program. The program will coordinate case management activities with the Kenosha County Job Center to provide supportive services to targeted TANF participants.

Family Self Sufficiency Program

The City of Kenosha Housing Authority was a forerunner in the development and implementation of a Family Self Sufficiency (FSS) Program. While other Housing Authorities were reluctant to work with tenants to attain economic self sufficiency, the KHA forged ahead in 1992 to develop its first Family Self Sufficiency Program.

The KHA hired a coordinator at the end of 1992 to implement the program with the coordination and assistance of an array of community agencies and educational institutions. The initial program constituted 40 participants. In subsequent years, the KHA continued to bid for additional units to serve a total of 101 participants. In 1997, the KHA submitted a proposal to HUD for additional funding to enhance the FSS program. Since 1997, the KHA has received FSS Coordinator funding each year to continue the successful programming which is a result of the initial 1992 grant.

This program works very closely with community agencies and educational institutions to provide the supportive services needed for participants to become successful.

Creating New Affordable Housing

The KHA assists various groups in the community to develop affordable housing units through bond issues. These developments include
* Windsong Village(Multifamily development) (1991), refinanced (2000)
* Glenwood Crossing (senior development) of the Lou DeMarco Village - Villa Ciera (2000)
* Casa Del Mare (affordable senior residential care facility) of the St. Catherines Commons (2011)
These efforts provided our community with additional housing stock, which is affordable to the low-income population of the City of Kenosha. The projects vary in target populations, which provides a broad support for both families and the elderly who fall in the income guidelines. The KHA continues to provide support to projects such as these to better serve our community.