Please click here to apply for the Housing Choice Voucher Program.
  1. Complete pre-application for the Kenosha Housing Authority (KHA)
  2. KHA verifies income, assets and family composition with other agencies
  3. Program eligibility is determined
  4. Family name placed on waiting list
  5. The KHA will contact the family when their name comes to the top of the list
  6. Families are advised as to the size of the rental unit they are eligible
  7. A rental unit is selected by the family
  8. The rental unit is inspected by the KHA to determine that the rent is reasonable
  9. Once a unit is approved, the family and the landlord sign a lease
  10. At the same time, the landlord and the KHA must sign a Housing Assistance Payments contract that runs for the same term as the lease between the landlord and the tenant
  11. The housing choice voucher is issued